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Weight management is a booming industry and people now go to extraordinary lengths trying to get the physique of a healthy person.  Fad diets which cut out vital nutrients, militant personal trainers, risky unproven drugs and even surgery are used by many slimmers, often with only limited effect.

Fortunately, there is another way.  Nutritional therapy gives you the easy and effective path to a slimmer physique which lasts, avoiding the need for the aggressive and potentially harmful measures above.  By simply eating the right combinations of foods at the right times, excess weight disappears and you become genuinely healthy, whilst enjoying every mealtime.

DNA Testing for Intelligent Weight Loss

If you have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight before, there could be a genetic reason for this.  DNA testing now gives the opportunity to work with your own genetic fingerprint to find out exactly what could be preventing effective weight loss.  Using the results from your DNA test, I then develop a weight loss nutrition programme tailored specifically to you, which works around any genetic obstacles and helps deliver the lasting results that you want.