Why would I need to see a nutritionist?

Don't let your health or life impacting factors distrupt your every day life... Be the writer of your own story...

According to Hippocrates, all diseases begin in the gut (in broad terms the digestive system or colon). It does not come as a surprise that as many as one in ten adults in the UK suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and complains of a range of symptoms varying from diarrhoea to constipation, wind, bloating, indigestion, heartburn (reflux), urgency to pass or abdominal pain just to name a few. There are many causes including food allergy/intolerance, inflammation, stress, infection, toxic overload, overuse of antibiotics, and not appropriate functioning of the gut muscles.

When you go to seek help at your local surgery, they don’t really know what causes or how to help, so they usually direct you to the pharmacy for an over the counter medication for pain/symptom relief. Unfortunately this does not help the situation in the long run and they might exacerbate the current symptoms that you have. Secondly they don’t get to the underlying/root cause of your digestive upset. 

 I have come across lots of people that they do not see what nutrition can do and how life changing it is. Modern medicine does have a place in crisis and life-threatening conditions. However how many of us know that digestive abnormalities or chronic high blood pressure can be managed through diet? Or stress can be beaten? Mental diseases can be supported and in fact can turned around? Brain function can be enhanced after giving birth?  We know by now that  some individuals stay compliant on the drug but how about the rest of us who is unable to tolerate the mainstream interventions? Think about it, if we all have a unique genetic make-up then a one size fits approach can't be right for of us all. As I mentioned it above, these medicines don't get to address the underlying cause.  That is the problem...

You may feel some sort of a relief in the short term but they do not make it go away. So if that's the case, what else can we do? We need to take a closer look at what we eat, drink, breath in, going through on a daily basis and with some simple changes we have to maximise the impact that we can do on our own health. 

We talk about epigenetics lately which is how the environment or external factors effect our genetics, how an external factor can switch on and off a gene and make an impact on our DNA sequence. These switches on the genes might trigger diseases or cancer to develop. We come across 80,000 chemicals/food additives/preservatives/flavour enhancers/acidity regulators, fumes, pecticides, herbicides, pollution, ozone, external stresses just to name a few. Some of these things are beyond us. If you live in the city and we talk about pollutants in the air, can we at least make sure that the food that you eat, drink that you drink are supporting you to the best? That you don't live a sedentary lifestyle and at weekends you go out to the park to take a deep breath in the fresh air. If you live in the country side or on a farm and you inhale lots of herbicides, can we look at how we can support your detoxification or chelation? If you are working long hours, going through lots of stress and have always some pain or ache, colds, flu etc. how we can combat that you stay at the top of your game?

This is where a NUTRITIONIST come in handy. She/he is not just looking at the food aspect but the lifestyle, the stress, the physical movements of the body i.e. alignment, sedentary lifestyle; the emotional factors on someone's life. 

Take action and change your negative life impacting factors.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will feel the benefit. As I always say, nutrition is available to us... naturally!

CALL now, be the writer of your story.